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CrossFit AVL

AVL is Aging with Vitality and Longevity

- Home of the Stay Active Method -

 At CrossFit AVL, you will find professional guidance for your individual needs with inspirational peer-to-peer encouragement.  You'll add years to your life and life to your years.

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A Variety of Coaching and Exercise Plan Options


Find the right one for you.

Two tiers of coaching and exercise plans provide the exact fit for your needs, schedule, and goals.

Our decades of experience will help you start smoothly, observe your improvements, and overcome physical challenges.


We combine expert assessments, unique exercise plans, and our proprietary Stay Active Method



CrossFit AVL - Precision

Great for those with significant Injury, Illness, Medication History or Specific Goals

With Precision Design the program is written specifically for you, changes quickly based on your needs, offers the fastest progress, and Dr. Corey Duvall guides each step of the way.  Includes full access to General Design, Hot Sauna, Cold Plunge, towel service, and weekly InBody progress scans.

Our Best Investment - $120-$180/week

12 week Minimum Recommendation - Sliding scale available with Commitment


 CrossFit AVL - General

Great for the generally fit, generally healthy client with desire for both autonomy and

guidance for the long-term

With General Design, you'll receive full access to a top-notch and fully equipped facility, Professionally Guided Open Gym, and exercises to keep you moving towards a well-rounded health and fitness.  Includes access to Hot Sauna, Cold Plunge, Towel Service, and monthly InBody progress scans.


Our Economical Choice - $60-90/week

No Contract Required - Sliding Scale available with Commitment.


CrossFit AVL - Intro

Start your Journey

Start with a complimentary meeting with our owner, Dr. Corey Duvall, to discuss your history and goals, our programs, and the best fit for you.

After that, you'll have a week of scheduled appointments for exercise during which you'll receive training, recommendations, encouragement, and challenges for your upcoming weeks.  There's no guessing, no assumptions, no confusing expectations.  We help you find your path and join us along the journey of fitness.


First Week - $180 - All Inclusive - No Commitment

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About the Facility

Top-quality equipment, plenty of space for all Exercises, Restrooms with Showers, Large Traditional Sauna, Cold-Plunge, complimentary towel service.  Please note we are in the continual process of up-grading our space.

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Open Hours

Professionally Coached Open Gym Hours

Mon - Fri: 5:45am - 11am

Sat - Sun: 8am - 11am

Afternoon options coming 2023

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Get In Touch

Prospective New Members

  • Sign up for a complimentary consultation to meet the owner, tour the facility, and discuss your goals, our programs, and find the best fit before you get started


Welcome Out-of-Town Travelers

  • We ask that you inform us ahead

Prospective New Coaches 

  • Interested in mentoring with Dr. Duvall to bring the Stay Active Method to your home gym?

  • Want to be a coach at our facility?

Let's set a time to discuss opportunities!

Thanks for submitting!

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Coaching Staff

Dr. Corey Duvall - Founder

Dr. Duvall has more than 10 years professional experience working successfully with stroke victims, cancer survivors, NFL and CrossFit athletes, those with failed orthopedic operations, professional and Division 1 collegiate athletes, and others suffering from various auto-immune and congenital diseases.


It is his vision to create a community for fitness where those with differences from injury and illness could thrive together with high physical performers.  


CrossFit AVL featuring the Stay Active Method is the culmination of that vision.

Educational Background:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic - New York CC - 2008

  • B.S in Biology and Philosophy - Juniata College - 2005

  • Elite Sports Science - Lake Placid Olympic Training Center - 2007

  • Advanced Anatomy/Biomechanics - Integrative Diagnosis - 2009

  • CrossFit Level 1 - Jacksonville Police Academy - 2007


Ben Edson - FlowMaster

Ben is an avid mountain athlete who enjoys whitewater kayaking and rafting, mountain biking and trail running.  As he flirted with elite status in both paddling and cycling, injury was a huge factor that always seemed one paddle or peddle stroke away.  In 2013 Ben came to CrossFit AVL in hopes of pushing himself to the next level as an athlete and solving his chronic injury issues.  Ben soon became immersed in the Stay Active Method and is passionate about educating others on its benefits.  


Ben has worked primarily in the outdoor industry and still enjoys guiding guests through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.  Ben loves to help people push their limits while providing guidance and structure around their process.

Educational Background:

B.A. in Outdoor Education - Warren Wilson College - 2000

NPS Guide Training Seminar - Grand Canyon National Park - 2004

Leadership Practicum- NC Outward Bound - 1996

Wilderness First Responder - 1996-Present 

Stay Active Method - FlowMaster - 2021

What is the Stay Active Method?

Proprietary Tests and Protocols to Manage, Reduce, and Eliminate the symptoms of Chronic Injury and Illness


How we developed it

We spent more than a decade working closely with clients deep in the symptoms of chronic injury and illness.  

Using a combination of concepts from mentors, thought leaders, and scientists from sport performance, rehabilitation, and neurology we performed clinical work in the trenches directly with those experiencing the limitations.

Through this we've developed a framework and system that helps people connect clearly with their body and guide it towards their peak physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity.


How we use it

The Stay Active Method is a continual system of assessment and re-direction of your exercise to manage, reduce, and eliminate your injury illness symptoms.


We design exercises for you to complete while you learn to read the signals from your body to hold back, do more, or alter your technique to express your fullest current potential.

Then you read the symptoms in the hours, days, and weeks following your exercise to guide your lifestyle towards the fullest recovery from your physical effort.

We use the results of your exercise and recovery to choose and update your next exercise session to ensure you're creating a healthy and balanced fitness.

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Proud Partners with CrossFit HQ

All CrossFit gyms are independently owned and operated with an affiliation to the core principles of Variety, Intensity, and Function.  At CrossFit AVL we have a deep appreciation for both the freedom to operate as we see best for clients and for the unity with a worldwide community.

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